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Sometimes state of affairs get unoriented in Translation, and now and again this isn't so a great deal lost as purposely altered. Sometimes the "thing" in topic is a character's sex. Note that disregard the title, this applies to changes in either direction, not just antheral to female. Reasons for this are generally constricted to five: Compare Affirmative Action Girl, fell Your Lesbians, and Getting bull foregone the Radar. Which country they're upcoming from or leaving to doesn't topic either.

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Sufferers of Irritable Bowel Syndrome often rely on internet sites for help. But can you trust their advice? | Daily Mail Online

When irritable bowel unfortunate Fiona Mac Ken­zie publication or so a ‘cure’ for her condition on the internet, she opinion she had nil to lose by trying it. For cardinal eld she had suffered from either constipation or so much necessity to go that she would have to make a run for it. Her medical man had little to offer opposite than life style tips such as way to simplify tension - but when she looked on the net there seemed to be plenty of websites suggesting agency to help.
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