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Courtney beloved put up this painting of her in a one part that may have got been taken many years ago, when she was conscionable a childlike take in nut human death off boyfriends to get onward and get deadly popular, reminding all you rich and illustrious motherfuckers, to ne'er fall in sexual love with a hooker, or stripper, they are commonly damaged goods and won’t really bring you up so much as bring you down, plus their vaginas smell like other men, which in movement makes you a little bit homo… perchance this picture is quantity that you can fake a bathing costume pic, if you somebody implants and a one musical composition to cover your flaws, on with years of posing for pro-photogs to know your look, and enough filters to blur out your departed fucking face…and body…”make it dark-skinned and snowy so they don’t see my dark-blue dead heroin addict skin”….”fuzz out the right side of the image so that they can’t see my botox unsuccessful me, scrotum suchlike face”…”let me lay on my face so it looks like I have got a waist, even tho' them meth took that years ago”…”let me squeeze my implants together, cuz #tits”… I know what she’s doing here…but I may tranquil try to masturbate to it…I suchlike challenges…

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"I am not a woman, I'm a force of nature," Courtney loved one quipped wittily in consequence to her ill-famed antics. With a list of public offenses that reads look-alike a sketch for a bouncer at the Bada Bing, it's interesting that such a ball buster would filling a designation like Love for a senior name. Cobain shows off her muscular form writhing and twisting and jiggling onstage at a slip club. Was this the force that catapulted Courtney toward making grunge-god married man Kurt Cobain and herself the '90s version of damned idols Sid and urban centre or the vibe that led this duct gland flashing, mosh pit mangling,... No actualised stripping, but she does yankee up her top to show of a quick lump of right hooter.

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